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What even is business analysis?*

*and why do you need it?

Business analysis is a structured approach to understanding how an organisation works, and identifying ways in which how that can be improved, so that it can deliver better products and services to its customers. 

OK, that's a bit of a wordy and high-level description. How about this instead:

As a BA, I look at what companies are trying to achieve, and investigate what might be getting in the way, or, how they could achieve it easier.

Still quite vague. Let's look at the words:

Business in this context means the business system (more on that a bit later).

Analysis comes from Latin and means to loosen, untie or cut up.

This is a good description of the job - to untie the business system, to see how it works. Once untied, an organisation can understand its mechanisms, processes and other factors that affect its performance.

Anyway, as a BA, 

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